Bloomin’ Nora

Our bandcamp page says that Bloomin’ Nora is a 56 year-old retired RE teacher and her musical mates. It’s a lie! I’m 57 now. But I did go from 31 years of teaching to being a seamstress, film-maker, author, artist, and musician. And I do have some very talented musical friends.

Bloomin’ Nora began in about October 2015; the intention was to form an all-female band of beginners, but that hasn’t quite worked out. Yet. There are however, no dicks in the band so maybe that still counts.

Bloomin’ Nora have a whole list of things they don’t like, but they do like lists. And haberdashery.

You can now buy our new BLOOM E.P. in our store by clicking on the link below…





Welcome to Bloomin Nora, Brighton’s mind-blowing alternative art collective.

things people say

Bloomin’ Nora are fucking kickass and innovative.

Carrie, chicago

Really cool.

sam, London. a man of few words

Fuck yeah; you rock girl!

Karen, Philadelphia