Blown Like A Leaf – If you haven’t read part one of my memoir you can listen to a song version of it in the video section here (I was Chosen) – it’s not exactly a summary; more a random collection of lines from it. You can guess what the lines mean, or read the book to get a full picture. The book is available from for 4 quid.

Book two will be available soon. Currently without a definite title and on its way back and forward between Sussex (where I live) and Wales (where Phil lives) being edited, checked, re-edited, rechecked as many times as we feel is necessary to avoid misspelling Chichester and giving 2 different years for the same event as I/we did in book 1.

It’s not just up-dates and forgotten things, though there is some of that. There is also some fiction included, some further reflections, a bit of subtle and not so subtle advertising, some art, poetry, and photos.

There are also a few lists; it’s not just Bloomin’ Nora who like lists, the real me does too. I’ve even gone beyond the basic list to a table, some pie-charts, Venn diagrams and something I believe is called a pictogram.