Who wrote this play?
There’s a lot of red herrings
Going to sack the script writer
And do some ad-libbing

My middle name might be Impatient, but my first name should, perhaps, be Patience. I’ve waited a long time for the first Bloomin’ Nora LP to be completed. 58 years; or 42 years; or 2 years; or 9 months. It depends where you start counting from.
11 or more songs; recorded in Coupar’s Magic Parlour in April, August, and November. No hassle, no ego, no major fuck-ups.
Words by me came alive as Brent and the Mighty G provided the bass lines and riffs giving each song its own feel with me playing violin on some tracks before Andy and Ollie joined in with keyboards and drums. It was all then expertly mixed by Andy and Ollie and finally mastered by Pete Maher. Or will be soon.
There’s some ranting and raving:
About people building walls.
Because the winner of the rat race is still a rat.
We’ve had enough of ticking boxes, and enough of ticking clocks.
We’re not fooled by Disney princesses and we don’t wear matching jackets!
There’s some celebrating:
The beat WILL beat the money and the revolution WILL be here;
The boy in brown and orange CAN fall in love with the girl in black and green;
The meaning of life is whatever you choose; you just need to SHOUT
There’s some remembering:
Those who put vodka first, and who bought us all rounds of drinks;
Those who have gone on to higher things:

Loosen your belt, speak out, freak out, read a book, forget the labels and the boxes, and if it’s all getting too much for you, fuck this shit and go to space.

January 2018.